Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Review– Is this the game we needed?

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Review– Is this the game we needed?

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Video Game Review


1996, Resident Evil 1 was released for the PlayStation by Capcom as a third-person shooter and survival horror game. It followed the main protagonists, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine.

1998, Resident Evil 2 was released and introduced new main protagonists, Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield.

1999, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was released bringing back main character, Jill Valentine and her efforts to escape a city that’s been infected.

6 years later, 2005, fan favorite of the series, Resident Evil 4 was released for the GameCube and later, on other gaming platforms. The story brought back, Leon S. Kennedy who is sent on a mission to find the U.S. President’s daughter.

2009, Resident Evil 5 was released and was the first in the series to introduce two-player co-operative gameplay. Former playable character, Chris Redfield is back with his new partner, Sheva Alomar.

2012, Resident Evil 6 was released and offered four protagonists to select from. Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy make a return once again. New characters, Jake Muller and Ada Wong are introduced.

2017…. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard….


For the first time ever, Capcom slaps the fans with new gameplay and a new story. Resident Evil 7 follows protagonist Ethan Winters, in first-person perspective. He is an average civilian unlike former protagonists with histories of military or government backgrounds of some sort. Despite being a normal person, he still has the use of weapons such as guns and melee. Who stands before him? The Baker family and a new creature called, “Molded”.

Unlike the previous games, Resident Evil 7 is a first-person shooter and a survival horror game. The PlayStation 4 version of the game offers VR mode from start to finish for a more horrific experience.

Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 weren’t great games and I am sure many of you would agree. That is why the executive producer requested that the game should be, “Stripped down to its core”: Survival Horror as they used to be. Resident Evil 7 is intended to be if not already the scariest game of the series. Plenty of jump scares and suspense, but is that really all there is to look forward too when playing RES7? No, not quite. Resident Evil 7 offers much more than that and I am here to tell you why.

PLOT, the plot of the story is always the most important in any game ever, unless you’re Call of Duty. Resident Evil 7 offers a great plot to the game. In Dulvey, Louisiana, 2017, Winters receives a message from his wife Mia Winters, who had been missing for 3 years! He finds himself in the middle of forest searching for his wife and discovers an abandoned house to which he ends up exploring.


Once the story is developed the next step is gameplay, and boy oh boy did they really change and improve! Formerly being a third-person shooter and horror survival game, Capcom takes a different direction in gameplay and chose the first-person shooter and survival horror route. Capcom had been working on the first-person gameplay during the development of RES6 and later worked on VR gameplay after they started using their new engine. Inspirations for the game included famous titles such as, Outlast and P.T. They liked the style of their gameplay, but something was missing and that was the power to fight back.


What is the last part of making this game as great as it is? The demo and trailer; when a new game is announced fans look forward to a playable teaser or a promo. The trailer is what sets the game and opens the eyes of the viewers. People want to see what they could possibly be playing and have something to look forward too! Resident Evil 7 not only did one, but two of those; trailer and demo! We got a great tease from them when it was released and gave us nostalgia of good horror. The fans also got a demo, which gave us a huge P.T. feeling when playing it.

Finally, we now come to our conclusion, Is this the game we needed? In my opinion yes, it was the game we most definitely needed! It had a great story, they made massive changes to gameplay which most companies wouldn’t do and they succeeded in it, and the hype of the game lived up to its standards and beyond! Do I recommend this game? Hell yeah I do!

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