Metroid: Zero Mission Review - "Take 2 Reviews"

Metroid: Zero Mission Review - "Take 2 Reviews"

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Metroid: Zero Mission Review

Metroid: Zero Mission is a side-scrolling action-adventure video game published by Nintendo, and developed by its Research & Development 1 division for the Game Boy Advance. It is a remake of the 1986 game Metroid—the first installment in the Metroid video game series, and is designed to retell that entry's story with Super Metroid-like gameplay. It was initially released in North America in February 2004.

Like the other titles in the series, the player controls space-faring bounty hunter Samus Aran, who travels to planet Zebes after learning that Space Pirates are experimenting with Metroids in an attempt to duplicate them and use them for their own gain. The gameplay focuses on exploration, with the player searching for power-ups that are used to reach previously inaccessible areas. The remake also features new items, additional areas, mini-bosses, difficulty levels, and a rewritten story which explores Samus's past.


> A Metroid 1 "remake" with features from Super Metroid.

> Open world map with hidden secrets that keep you playing.

> Combat is smooth yet difficulty of game keeps you on your toes.

> Classic Metroid music that gives you the chills.


> Handheld gaming isn't for everybody. (Luckily you can pick this up on Nintendo eShop though for console play!)

> Very short game, especially without doing the extras.





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