Devil May Cry 5 Review - Hell Never Seemed so Great

Devil May Cry 5 Review - Hell Never Seemed so Great

Devil May Cry 5 is a trip down arcade memory lane, while adding new features that turn the game into something very special.

Review Summary

Devil May Cry 5 did something that many people were concerned they couldn’t do. They kept the same classic gameplay of Devil May Cry and added features to give it the 2019 feeling. As I played the game, I looked for things to critique but at the end of the day, the greats parts of this game completely outweigh the negatives. The music in the game makes your adrenaline rush, the gameplay and combat are very fluid, the voice acting and cut scene production are top tier AAA gaming quality, and lastly, the fun never really stops the whole way through. Do I recommend you play this game? See the detailed review below, and see if it fits your style!


Capcom has always done a great job with combat in video games, since they became a company, so it is never a surprise when combat is one of the finest aspects in a game by them. Devil May Cry 5 is nothing short of this as well. Combat is the bread and butter of the game, as that is 90% of what you are doing, kicking demon butt. If you are in the least bit familiar with DMC then you know how good combat is, but if you think you already know it all before playing Devil May Cry 5, you are wrong. DMC5 adds in a character named V, whole hardly does combat himself, but rather summons demons of his own to fight for him. Yes you control them, but from a distance. You still have control of V, but tell them when to punch, shoot, and so on from a distance. It is honestly one of the coolest combat styles I have witnessed in a game before, and gives Devil May Cry 5 a completely new style of play. Throughout the game you play as Nero, V, and the famous Dante, and while Nero and Dante have the classic feel of combat, there is added features to them as well to use special abilities which make it new again. Customization and upgrades are all present in the game as well, so expect a nice RPG element as well, without over doing it.


In this day and age of video games, everything looks pretty with your 1440p monitors and 4K television screens, but some games really do take your breath away still. In Devil May Cry 5, when a cut scene begins, there is a sense of thrill and excitement because you know it is going to be fun to watch, and that is refreshing when playing a video game. From the facial features, to the flowing hair, DMC5 nails all the graphic aspects needed to look next level. Screenshots are beautiful to look at, but seeing the game in action adds a whole other element to it graphically, which isn’t always the case! Get ready to hear your fans blowing to cool off your rig, as this is one heck of a good looking game.

Audio, Music, and Voice Acting

The storyline of Devil May Cry 5 is probably described most as “badass” or “intense” so you would hope music would fit this. They absolutely nail the music track, as music ramps up to heavy metal tracks during combat, and chill music during other times. Music isn’t the only audio aspect they got right though. Voice acting during cutscenes and gameplay are spot on and better than a movie. One of my favorite moments in the game is during the first boss fight. The large demon is destroying the building around you during the fight and Nero yells out at him (during gameplay, not cutscene) “Go ahead and wreck the place, its your grave anyways!” Something so simple brought the whole fight the life. Slow clap….

Closing Notes

Devil May Cry 5 isn’t a game that was on everybody’s radar before release, but with how well it has been received by it’s player base, I believe it will continue to grow in popularity. It really is a DMC game that will be known as one of the best in the series, and the attention to detail that Capcom gave this game, makes it a special gem and will be for years to come. Do yourself a favor and pick this up on Xbox, PlayStation 4, or PC.

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