Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered - Quick Review

A shiny walk through one of the best military shooters of the ps3/xbox 360 generation.

This was an added plus to the slightly more expensive copy of Infinite Warfare.  After install, the familiar start-screen came on.  Nostalgia hit and the familiar theme music played.  

The missions that make Modern Warfare so great looks fantastic.  Characters, gun models, environments and explosions all look great with the remastered-coating.  Even better is the keeping of the intel cheats.  This makes things ridiculous in a great way, especially the ever-great tires cheat.  ‘All Ghillied Up’ and ‘Charlie Don’t Surf’ shine even more as the best two missions, though the entire campaign is great.  The classic multiplayer is retained with 10 maps, though the added kill-skill medals that flash on-screen are a bit of an annoyance.  

In case you have never played the game before, this is one game that should easily come highly recommended.  With enough explosive action and emotional depth to make the game stand among the franchise’s other games, I believe one should dig down for this addition.  While some see this as a mere cash-grab, I see it as another chance to replay one of my earlier favorite games.

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