Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Review - "The guilty pleasure of the year"

I never thought myself to be in the possession of another Call of Duty game.  Not since Black Ops 2 have I touched another game from the long-running franchise.  However, something clicked and thought to myself “why not?”.  Put simply, this is like a Michael Bay film.  It is a guilty pleasure with explosions abound and bullets aplenty; and with the setting in space, plenty of lasers.    

The regular edition is pretty packed: an 8-10 hour single-player campaign, fast-paced multiplayer, and a ridiculously fun zombies mode.  I would highly recommend the Legacy Edition for the Remastered Modern Warfare, which will be talked about in another review.  

STORY:  Basically Earth has advanced space-able ships and has a large human colony on Mars.  For some reason, Mars becomes a highly militarized planet and Kit Harrington decides to go to war with Earth.  Why?  Just cuz Jon Snow wants to rein his iron fist across the stars.  You play as a band of military archetypes mixed in with the most human character, a robot of all things.  But who cares.  Really from start to finish it is the signature high-bodycount gameplay that occurs throughout.  The mix of zero-gravity gameplay mixes things up at times, but feels a bit monotonous.  Airships feel fresh and exciting but quickly lose their fun.  All in all the science-fiction gloss hardly covers the fact that it is a Call of Duty game instead of something truly different.  

MULTIPLAYER:  The multiplayer is as fast as the games of the past.  Rigs add a superhero touch to your character as you zip, slide, and wall-climb all around the maps.  Each of the six rigs have three unique abilities, one gun and two armor-based abilities and feel fun.  The guns feel slightly diverse between the types, but it doesn’t feel that diverse.  Although, the upgrade and quartermaster unlocks provide some diversity, it doesn’t feel enough.  I have no single shot weapon to rely on, besides snipers and the M1 which is unlocked through prestige.  Hopefully DLC will provide more guns and character customization. 

ZOMBIES:  This is the gameplay I have put the most amount of time into.  Unlike previous zombie games, this one allows weapons to level up like the ones in multiplayer.  So with each game, you get better not only by getting familiar with the map, but upgraded weapons never hurt in mowing down hordes of zombies.  Secrets are everywhere and weapons can be upgraded in a variety of new ways.  Even though it is currently just one map, a 1980s greatest-hits-type of movie setting, it is still fun enough to try to find everything and reach a higher round before you bite the dust.

VISUALS: The gritty realism is mixed in with the metallic-heavy sci-fi setting.  Character models try their best to look close to real, and the cutscenes do look fantastic.  The game feels fast and even among the heaviest of battles, I faced no slowdown.  Nothing really fantastic comes to mind; it just looks good and currently stands as the best looking of the games.  So when you hear “the best looking Call of Duty” just know it’s the most basic compliment since it is the most recent.   

SOUND DESIGN:  Guns and grenades pop, laser weapons zap, robotics click and whir, metal surfaces clang with rifle fire.  As a war game it does the job well in putting the player into the feeling of a war-zone, but again there is nothing really praise-worthy.

GAMEPLAY:  Point and the bullet will go there.  No bullet compensation is needed and strafing can mean the difference between life and death.  Everything feels quick as environments usually are rushing passed as you duck for cover.  It feels the quintessential Call of Duty gunplay as the games of yore.  

OVERALL:  It’s fun.  Between the war of Call of Duty and Battlefield, the sci-fi direction separates it entirely.  Plainly it is just another Call of Duty game with a science-fiction coat, but that is not entirely a bad thing.  The campaign is fast and fun, the multiplayer the same, and the zombies mode will provide hours and hours of continuing fun

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