Destiny Rise of Iron review

JoyStik Entertainment video game reviews are honest opinions on the good, the bad, and the ugly of each and every video game. In this section, we review playstation, xbox, and pc video games. Today, we will be looking at Destiny: Rise of Iron DLC from the Bungie game Destiny. A great addition to the already great game. This review comes from Byron Reed, the host of Affirmative Action Games Podcast.


> New storyline has some feels (for you dumbies out there, that means it had emotional attachment!) 

> Exotic quests are well done, and tons of new loot.

> Great addition to Destiny as we prepare for Destiny 2.


> The repetitive grind to light level 385 is tough (could be too grindy for some).

> Main story is only 2 hours long, much too short for the cost. 

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