God of War 4 & The Last of Us 2 – The Hype is Real!

God of War 4 & The Last of Us 2 – The Hype is Real!

God of War 4 & The Last of Us 2 – The Hype is Real!

By Alec J. Castaneda

In the beginning, Kratos was a brute warrior, a leader, and a father. In battle he nearly lost his life until he prayed upon the God of War, Ares. It was then the Blades of Chaos were strapped and molded into his very flesh. Kratos had become the very weapon of Ares himself and listened and obeyed his every word. He was ruthless and lost any humanity he once had. During a raid, Kratos was warned by the village oracle, but ignorant and prideful, he ignored her very warnings. He raided the temple and slaughtered every being inside… Including his family that Ares had purposely transported there… Cursed and his skin covered in the ashes of his family, he had obtained the name, Ghost of Sparta… His quest for vengeance had begun.

Joel, a single father and a busy hard working man arrived home one late night, stressed and miserable, greeted by his lovely daughter, Sarah. A late birthday gift and love from his daughter was always more than great for him. Later on that night Joel returns anxious and panicked. The start of the infection was approaching and Joel left with his daughter and brother Tommy. Leaving town, they crashed and Sarah broke her leg in the process. Having to carry her through screaming and dying people, the military stops them and opens fire. Joel is wounded, but his daughter did not make it, changing a used to be happy man to a self-caring and bitter old person. Becoming a ruthless smuggler, little did he know his life was about to turn after meeting his new delivery package… Ellie…

7 Years later, Santa Monica Studios have released a new gameplay trailer to the magnificent story of famous game, God of War. Let’s go back and tell the story of how Kratos became to be and how it leads into the new game, God of War 4. In the beginning Kratos was only a mere mortal, or so he thought. After defeating the Champions of other gods, he met his match, Alrik of the Barbarians. Begging for his life, he prayed to Ares and offered obedience in exchange for his life to be spared. He was granted the Blades of Chaos and brought havoc to earth.

In the middle of raiding a village, Kratos was warned by an oracle, but ignored it. He entered the temple and slaughtered every being inside, two being his wife and daughter. Ares had tricked him into killing his family and being cursed with the ashes of his family. The reason was to create the perfect warrior with no ties attached and Ares succeeded. In the end, killing Ares himself, a mortal who defeated a God had taken his place on the throne.

Later in, God of War 2, Kratos is betrayed by Zeus, killed, and sent to Hades. He declared his vengeance upon him and anyone who would stand in his way. Befriending the Titans and building his power back to kill Zeus, he succeeds and rides the back of Gaia along with other Titans by her and his side.

God of War 3, Kratos is confronted by the God of the Sea, Poseidon and battles to the death. Overpowering him, Kratos throws and beats him like a ragdoll and gouges his eyes out, snapping his neck in the process and throwing him off a cliff. It was at this point, Kratos sets the table for where his power is at. Reaching the top, he and Gaia battle Zeus. Failing, Gaia betrays Kratos and tells him he was only a pawn. He fell to his death and finds himself in the Underworld. Making his way out and killing almost every main God in the process, he reaches Zeus once again and battles. Succeeding, he kills Zeus and the world had reached its end. Finally his mind at peace, Kratos stabs himself and had thrown himself off a cliff.

God of War 4, Kratos has returned and unknown how he survived, is now in the realm of the Norse Gods. He now has a new son named, Atreus. In the trailer it is shown that he is teaching his son how to survive; much calmer and more disciplined, he guides his son through the woods. His rage can still be shown occasionally through the trailer but calms himself when seeing himself doing so. His god-like power is shown to still be active as he faces Draugr’s and a giant and defeats them.

Theories are great when it comes to unexplained situations in games, movies, or shows. God of War 4 has lots of explaining to do and fans such as myself have come up with theories to keep the hype up of the game. Here are a few theories that might be true, however we won’t know until the release of the game.

One theory states that as punishment from Athena, he was banished from the Greek realm and into the Norse realm. Taking advantage of the situation, he rebuilds his life and starts new. Another theory states that after jumping from the cliff, he travelled from Sparta and into Scandinavia. Due to the belief in Norse mythology, it says that when the old gods die new ones are born. This could be true and explains how he might face off against some of the mighty Norse gods.

True fans of the series know too well of the hype for this game. We waited for years and love to see the return of our Sony, Hero? The gameplay has also massively changed to similar features of The Last of Us. Speaking of The Last of Us, let’s get to talking about it.

Released in 2013, The Last of Us made a huge impact to gaming all over the world. Hit us hard with the feels and amazed us with its great mesmerizing story. How did it get to where it is? In the start of the game, Joel is seen coming home stressed out with his job. His daughter surprises him with a new watch and jokes about selling drugs to get it for him. It later goes into the night where his daughter, Sarah, wakes up and explores her house. Joel bursts into his home panicked and scared, followed by an infected neighbor, Joel is forced to shoot him in front of his daughter.

Tommy, the brother of Joel arrives and they escape into the city. Crashing while trying to leave Sarah breaks her leg and Joel has to carry her through the town. Running from infected and watching people die before their own eyes, they make it out but are stopped by a soldier and gunned down. Joel surviving, his daughter dying; Tommy arrives and shoots the soldier and can be seen heartbroken as well.

Being heartbroken, the game skips 20 years into the future and Joel has become ruthless and non-caring. He accepts a package to deliver to the fireflies, a rebel group, and finds out it is a little girl he is delivering. Her name is Ellie; little did Joel know how much of an impact she would be to his life. After surviving the infected and smugglers, Joel lies to Ellie and does not sacrifice her for scientific research to cure the fungus plague. He takes her back to Tommy’s camp and they stay together.

The Last of Us 2, Ellie is shown to have murdered a person, picks up a guitar, plays it, and sings. A man who’s face is not shown, but could be assumed to be Joel, walks in and says, “What are you doing kiddo?” to which she replies, “I’m gonna find and I’m gonna kill every last one of them.”

Similar to God of War 4, not much is known about what the plot is and what is going on. As far as we know, we have been told that Ellie will play a similar role to Joel and go from the happy, stressed out life to bitter and cold. Something or someone has hurt her, but who or what?

Theories say that Joel has died and Ellie sees him as a figment of her imagination. Similar to Call of Duty: Black Ops 1, Alex Mason sees an old friend Reznov everywhere he goes. This is a very believable theory and makes sense as it could be why she is out killing whoever hurt her or killed Joel.

As I’ve said before, true fans will know the hype of this game as well. The Last of Us had such an immerging story and you know that if you played the game, it sucked you in and you became attached. It truly is a one-of-a-kind game and will forever be remembered in the books of gaming alongside of Mario and Pacman.

Over periods of time Sony has released exclusives during the same time or one after another, but never have we had 2 great game sequels coming out right next to each other. They never fail to make a great game and just as the previous ones have impressed us, I am sure these new ones will. Speaking of new Sony games, did I forget to mention that Crash N. Sane Trilogy and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy are coming out as well?! So much hype for Sony right now! Thanks for reading and I will definitely be back to talk more about games.

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