Return of AMC's “The Walking Dead” – JoyStik’s Top 5 Zombie Games

Return of AMC's “The Walking Dead” – JoyStik’s Top 5 Zombie Games

1)      The Last of Us

The Last of Us is not only the best zombie game of all time, but possibly one of the best games of all time. Rich storytelling, complex gameplay, and multiplayer to accompany the story mode, makes The Last of Us one of the greatest zombie games to ever….live? Just play it!

2)      Resident Evil series

I have personally been a huge fan of Resident Evil since it first appeared on the PlayStation 1. That game was incredible scary.  I can still remember those damn zombie dogs busting through the window in the hallway…and nearly wetting my pants. Resident Evil has slowly began to dip in performance (the last GREAT R.E. was probably 4) but continues to be entertaining. I am excited to play Umbrella Corps when it releases soon. If you have never got into this series, I would suggest doing so.

3)      Dying Light

Dying Light is one of the more accurate zombie games (like I would know right) that has released in the gaming world. I would imagine the zombie apocalypse looking exactly like this. The parkour in the game makes you feel unstoppable, as you wield different blades, and a hand full of guns. Noise attracts zombies, and at night, it gets even scarier. If you haven’t dove into the Dying Light game yet, I would do so. Developer Techland nailed it with this game, and safely places it in the top 5 zombie games of all time. (see our review for more information)

4)      Left for Dead series

Who couldn’t love a co-operative zombie shooter? Left for Dead brought multiplayers to the next level of co-op gameplay. Not only a great game in general, but one of the best depictions of zombies that the gaming world has witnessed. You not only get to be a gunner, but playing as a zombie is one of the key parts of the game as well! I really hope Valve pulls the plug on Evolve and brings break Left for Dead, as it would sell SO many copies!

5)      Telltale’s The Walking Dead series

Last, but not least, Telltale’s The Walking Dead. Telltale has always been a decent game developer, but it wasn’t until The Walking Dead series that they really gained the recognition they deserve. The story that is told in The Walking Dead game is one that will forever be remembered by players who experience it. It stays away from the story of the AMC series, but tells it in the same way. You get so attached to the character’s lives, that at times, you forever there are zombies surrounding you! Give it a try, and I promise you will like it.


Post games we may have missed in the comments below, and tell us why you disagree with this list.

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