Women Taking Gaming By Surprise!

First, I would like to wish everybody a happy National Women's Day! Women equality is something that has been in the works for, what seems like forever, and women continue to succeed. So congratulations to all you successful women out there.

Gaming girls are coming out of the wood work as of recent. Women are streaming games on their personal channels on platforms like Twitch.tv and YouTube Gaming. They are not just a pretty face, but many of these women are GOOD at video games, and while this shouldn't be shocking...it is. Gaming has always been known as a boy activity, at least as far as I can remember. Finding a gaming girl was rare, and when you did, you were stunned!

God of War 4 & The Last of Us 2 – The Hype is Real!

In the beginning, Kratos was a brute warrior, a leader, and a father. In battle he nearly lost his life until he prayed upon the God of War, Ares. It was then the Blades of Chaos were strapped and molded into his very flesh. Kratos had become the very weapon of Ares himself and listened and obeyed his every word. He was ruthless and lost any humanity he once had. During a raid, Kratos was warned by the village oracle, but ignorant and prideful, he ignored her very warnings. He raided the temple and slaughtered every being inside… Including his family that Ares had purposely transported there… Cursed and his skin covered in the ashes of his family, he had obtained the name, Ghost of Sparta… His quest for vengeance had begun.