JoyStik's 5 Must Have Pokemon

JoyStik's 5 Must Have Pokemon

If You Can't "Catch Em All", At Least Catch These Best Pokemon !

JoyStik Entertainment will rank our top 5 must have OG Pokemon! It has been 20 years since the release of the original Pokemon and we feel the need to share. They may not be the strongest, best, or most popular, but we feel the need to have them! "Gotta Catch All 5, Pokemon!"

#5. Eevee


> This one may come as a surprise. Eevee has been one of my favorite Pokemon since the beginning. Not only a cuddly Pokemon, but a complete badass in battle. It can evolve into multiple forms (although permanently), of Water, Electric, and Fire. So based on your lineup already, you can fill the holes with an Eevee!

#4. Pidgeot


> When it comes to the Flying type Pokemon, it is hard to beat the strength of a Pidgeot. Yeah, you have to start off with the annoying Pidgey to get one...but it is worth it in the end! The move "Brave Bird" is killer. It is super accurate and deals high damage. I suggest leveling a Pidgey up to level 36 and get you a Pidgeot.

#3. Mewtwo


> The Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo has a place is all of our hearts. From the celebration of catching him after beating the game, or hacking your GameBoy to use him early, we all wanted to use this alien looking Pokemon that resembled Freiza from Dragon Ball Z. But lets be serious....when that joker made us tear up in the Pokemon Movie by making all the innocent Pokemon fight...Yeah that will forever be engraved in Pokemon gamers forever. So do you prefer Mew or Mewtwo?!

#2. Pikachu

> Ah whatever, don't give me that crap. "Pikachu is everybody's favorite." Yeah, because he kicks so much ass! How could something so cute, shock the holy bejesus out of anything that gets in its way. This may be my #2 Pokemon, but I would be cautious approaching one in real life! Aside from the obviously though, Pikachu has became as iconic as Mario for most. Non-Gamers even know who Pikachu is, and for these reasons alone, Pikachu ranks #2 on our list.

#1. Charizard

> I have a sweet spot. Pokemon Red was my first Pokemon game, and what kind of person would I be if I didn't select Charmander first. Charizard is almost as iconic as Pikachu when it comes to Pokemon and video games. The huge fire breathing dragon destroys competition. Also, he (yes, he haha) is featured in Super Smash Bros games today. Who did you choose as your first? Pokemon I mean.

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