Top 100 Video Games of All Time - #70 to #61

Top 100 Video Games of All Time - #70 to #61

Top 100 Video Games of All Time - #70 to #61

At first glance, a Top 100 list seems like way too much, but in reality, it is very difficult to break down ONLY 100 games. We took on the challenge and finally finished after much help from the supporters at JoyStik Entertainment from all over the world. Please remember, this is OUR list and you will probably have some harsh words! Please do leave them below :). ENJOY!

70) Max Payne 3 - Xbox 360 

"Max Payne is just what his last name is. A revenge story built from PAIN. A well put together 3rd person shooter with great gunplay, story, and at it's time a fun multiplayer."

69) Dark Souls 3 - PS4/ Xbox One/ PC

"Personally, I hate this game. Probably still salty from getting my a$$ handed to me. But there is no doubt, this is one of the most accurate controlled video games of all time. Precision is key!"

68) Splatoon - Wii U

"The revival of the Nintendo franchise came from this game. It is currently young still, but with such a fun new multiplayer setting as a family friendly shooter to fit the Nintendo brand it appeals to hardcore multiplayers and a younger generation being introduced to gaming."

67) Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon - Nintendo 64

"Mystical Ninja is one of those hidden gems that some folks haven't had to pleasure of playing, but that does not take away from it's success. An incredible design gives a perfect Japanese feel as a cartoonish theme. There is humor, difficulty, and a unique leveling system. If you haven't played it, bust out the N64 and give it a try."

66) Star Wars Battlefront 2 - PlayStation 2

"Star Wars has always been about Jedi and the Force, but Battlefront put you in the shoes of the soldiers, playing through galactic battle with blasters and the occasional Jedi. Star Wars Battlefront 1 set the stage, but 2 took it to the next level."

65) Bioshock 1 - Xbox 360

"The deranged setting of Bioshock gives a creepy feeling as you make your way through Rapture, an underwater city built to get away from normal society. Through the years, it has become corrupt with crime, and what you witness is the after years of damage. Incredible story and gameplay for this First Person Shooter for the ages"

64) Mass Effect - Xbox 360

"Mass Effect changed the way we see video games as developers created one of the largest open universes we had ever seen!"

63) Mario Kart 64 - Nintendo 64

"Somebody order a pizza and get the gang together because it is Mario Kart night! One of the most fun multiplayer racing games still today."

62) Power Stone 2 - Sega Dreamcast

"Another hidden gem is the Power Stone series. It is actually very surprising that this franchise is not around today. If is wasn't for the failure of the overrated Dreamcast, this game would most definitely still be around. A 3D fighting game, where players use weapons and magic stones to transform into a special character to bash each others heads in. Not literally"

61) Tetris - Any Platform

"The best puzzle game known to man. The simplicity of dropping different shapes from the ceiling has never been more clever. The game has continued to evolve but none will ever beat the original platform."

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