Top 100 Video Games of All Time - #30 to #21

Top 100 Video Games of All Time - #30 to #21

Top 100 Video Games of All Time - #30 to #21

At first glance, a Top 100 list seems like way too much, but in reality, it is very difficult to break down ONLY 100 games. We took on the challenge and finally finished after much help from the supporters at JoyStik Entertainment from all over the world. Please remember, this is OUR list and you will probably have some harsh words! Please do leave them below :). ENJOY!

30) Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – PS3/Xbox 360

“Skyrim, released on, 11/11/11, made a huge impact on all gamers around the world with its hit trailer tease and dramatic new theme. It was in those very moments we knew we were getting a great new story.”

29) World of Warcraft – PC

“Probably known as the most popular MMORPG, this game got its own movie and is relatively known for the famous YouTube quote, “Leeeeeeeroy Jenkins!”

28) Madden Series – All platforms

“From 1998 on computers running MS-DOS to 2017 on all gaming platforms, Madden has been the most popular Football game up-to- date and has never failed to keep improving every year.

27) Halo 2 – Original Xbox

“MCPON John-117, also known famously as, “Master Chief,” has returned again after the first hit, Halo: Combat Evolved. Halo 2 is one of those remarkable games that you can never decide which one is the best of the trilogy; it has been decided here.”

26) Metroid Prime – GameCube

“If Nintendo has ever published a good game, Metroid Prime is definitely one of them. One of the best female leads in gaming history is back and ready to deliver another great story.”

25) Rocket League – PS4/Xbox One/PC

“Famously known for being the first game to ever support cross-network play between gaming platforms, Rocket League hits home with great competitive gameplay and explosions!”

24) Shadow of the Colossus – PlayStation 2

“Originally known as Wander and the Colossus; Shadow of the Colossus is one of the PlayStation greats that will never be forgotten. A mesmerizing story and dramatic ending, this game is the favorite to many gamers including the famous, “JackSepticEye.”

23) Metal Gear Solid 1 – PlayStation 1

“Starting as a PlayStation Exclusive, Metal Gear Solid is one of those games that simply blew your mind away. A badass main character that everyone at some point tries impersonates to books, comics, and cosplay.

22) Infamous 2 – PlayStation 3

“Sucker Punch Productions, famously known for the, Sly Cooper Trilogy they sold their rights to focus on making the second game of, Infamous. Another great Sony Exclusive, Infamous 2 made an impact on gaming and set the table for their future game, Infamous: Second Son."

21) Final Fantasy XV – PS4/Xbox One/PC

“Square Enix, does it again with another great of their many games. New gameplay style and intriguing story, Final Fantasy knows what the fans want and they give.

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