Top 10 Video Game Music - Theme Songs

Top 10 Video Game Music - Theme Songs

Top 10 Video Game Music - Theme Songs

Theme songs and Menu themes count!

10) Super Mario Bros. Theme

We all know the great classic video game music from the Super Mario Bros. Theme Song! The most well-known theme and most memorable; Mario will always hold a place in our hearts.

9) Sly 2: Band of Thieves Theme

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A great PlayStation classic, Sly 2’s video game music theme holds a special place in our hearts. Its mysterious, yet catchy tune, this theme is definitely down in the books.

8) Fallout 4 Theme

Mellow, yet epic, Fallout 4’s theme song hits us with that depressing feeling of, “The world is gone,” but a hint of, “I’m going to kick some ass.” One thing for sure is, “War. War never changes.

7) Borderlands 2 Menu Theme

“That good ole western guitar and space-apocalyptic feel is all here for you. Feeling chill and hearing Claptrap’s voice scream every now and then on the title screen will always be one to remember.”

6) The Sims 3 Theme

“I highly doubt that you cannot listen to this and not get the urge to hook up your gaming platform and start your new life on the Sims.”

5) The Last of Us Theme

“This is one of those songs where you sit there and look at your title screen in amazement and in awe. Amazing performance and is here to show why it is number 5!”

4) God of War 3 Theme

“Overture, this song gets you so pumped you start walking like a badass in your own room making grunt faces. Epic orchestra and choir, God of War 3’s theme can almost easily top any theme…”

3) The Legend of Zelda Theme

“When you hear those trumpets go off you can’t help but sit there and smile at your screen. The Legend of Zelda has one of the greatest performed themes of all time and will be performed and remembered in gaming for centuries to come.”

2) Uncharted 3 Theme

“Whether you are playing any of the four games or even PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Uncharted 3’s theme will be forever marked in your brain. The catchy tune, epic orchestra, and badass game that lives up to the theme’s potential, it is ranked number 2!”

1)    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Theme

“If there was ever a theme song you wanted in your life whether it was interesting or not, Oblivion’s theme is the one! After the Emperor gave his speech and the theme song hits us out of nowhere in the trailer, you know it gave you the goose-bumps. You remember the feeling of waiting for the game to load up and you get blasted with the theme in all of its epic-joy! Out of all the Elder Scroll games, Oblivion is the chosen masterpiece!”


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