Top 10 Tastiest Foods & Drinks in Gaming

Top 10 Tastiest Foods & Drinks in Gaming

So much of our American culture is focused on food. Many people will tell you that's an issue, but I say quit whining and sit down at the table with us. From power lunches to midnight snacks, birthday cakes to Christmas cookies, quick breakfasts on-the-go to slow-cooked meals, if it's a special occasion or a not-so-special occasion, food can (and probably is) involved.

And don't forget the drinks! Sodas, juices, cocktails—we live in a society where not only do we have several kinds of bottled water, people have their favorite water brands.

Food and drink are everywhere in our society, so one night while ordering my dinner on Eat24 (shameless, uncompensated plug because they rock that hard), I thought about what foods and drinks are in gaming. This list only took all of 20 minutes to build, because food items are everywhere in gaming just like in American culture.

And now, fresh from the oven, here are our top ten tastiest treats in the gamersphere. Don't see your favorite on the menu? Let us know in the comments.

10. Aperture Science Cake (Portal)

Sure, finding out you're trapped in a test chamber because you're an orphan and basically a horrible excuse for a human being (it says so clearly in your test records) is a bit of a downer, but you know what makes it all better?

Cake. Cake makes everything better. I mean, I'm pretty sure it's at the end of this next chamber. Or maybe the next one. I don't remember. It's definitely not a lie. Just keep testing.


9. OverCharge Delirium xt (Sunset Overdrive)

Between two jobs and a healthy social life (sleeping), I often turn to energy drinks for a little extra pep in my step. I know they're not the healthiest things, but they help in a pinch. But Rockstar, Monster, or even Red Bull can compare to OverCharge Delirium XT.

There are a few side effects to drinking OverCharge, like heart palpitations, crashes later, or turning into a grotesque mutant, but the upside? Refreshing citrus taste, that's what!


8. Chef Peter Pepper's Burgers (Burgertime)

Hamburgers are one of my all-time favorite foods, so how awesome is it that there's a game that's all about making burgers?

Granted, Chef Peter Pepper's methods for burger creation are a bit... unorthodox... but just think of these culinary treats as haute cuisine. Also, Burgertime is proof positive that pickles are not just gross but downright evil.


7. Pretty Much Everything (Pac-Man)

Seriously, everything is food to this guy that looks like an incomplete pizza. The dots, the apples, the oranges, the Galaga… things… the key – he eats the damn key!

The power pellets, though… We’re pretty sure that’s food, but they do directly lead to the consumption of the ghosts, so it’s either food or trippy-as-balls psychedelic drugs.


6. Blob's Jellybeans (A Boy and His Blob)

In several tasty and delicious flavors such as Cola Bubble, Tangerine Trampoline, Apple Jack, and Strawberry Bridge, not only are Blob’s jellybeans a fun treat, but they’re so useful too!

Well, except for Ketchup Catchup. Pretty sure those just sat in the bag.


5. Mario's Mushrooms (Super Mario Bros.)

Of course, Mario’s Mushrooms belong on this list. Not only is it synonymous with Super Mario, it’s a gaming icon. Everyone knows that a green mushroom gives an extra life to Mario, and the red one makes him Super – if you haven’t found one within five seconds of starting Level 1-1, you’re Marioing all wrong.

4. Lon Lon Milk (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

There’s nothing more refreshing than milk from the legendary Lon Lon Ranch of Hyrule. Not only will the tasty beverage refill all of Link’s hearts, but the satisfied wipe of the mouth after drinking screams refreshment.

I wonder if Hyrulians know what Oreo cookies are…


3. Yoshi's Fruits (Super Mario World)

Mario loves his mushrooms, but his buddy Yoshi loves his… well, anything he can fit in his mouth. His favorites, though, are the fruits found all over Yoshi’s Island in the original Super Mario World. In later games Yoshi would find melons, grapes, and all sorts of fruity goodies, but in the original they looked like apples of some sort. They may have been berries, however, but one thing is for sure: they must have tasted great.

How great? When Yoshi got five of them, he’d poop out an egg that had either a power-up or a 1-up inside of it. That’s right, Yoshi has such a severe foodgasm he birthed a power up. Now that’s some tasty fruit.


2. Cup of Lifenoodles (Earthbound)

Food is a big deal in Earthbound. From cookies and sandwiches to actually telling the game what Ness’s favorite food is (tacos, if you were wondering), there is a plethora of food for Ness, Paula, Jeff, and even Poo. (Tee hee.) But who would have thought the most powerful would be the most affordable for the starving college student?

There’s no Phoenix Down in the city of Onett, Twoson, or any of the other crazy cities you travel to. But there is Cups of Lifenoodles! Brings the dead back to life, and does it on the cheap. I happen to like the beef flavored Lifenoodles, but chicken and shrimp are probably popular too, and last forever!


1. Full Roasted Turkey Platter (Castlevania)

Instant Thanksgiving! What makes the turkey platters found in the Castlevania series so damn tasty?

Well, they always say the best food comes from those hole-in-the-wall places.

Article by: Ryan Bates
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