Who Rocked Green Best? Top 10 Green Video Game Characters.

Who Rocked Green Best? Top 10 Green Video Game Characters.

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, JoyStik Entertainment is going to rank what we believe is the top 10 green video game characters! There has been many video game characters to rock the horrid color, many with success, and many with failure. The friendly (and not so friendly) green characters may not always get the recognition they deserve, but it's St. Patty's Day! Let give these ugly green goons a round of applause.

10) Slippy Toad (Star Fox series) - Although one of the most annoying characters, this green frog will forever be remembered.

green video game characters - slippy toad

9) Creeper (Minecraft) - This guy wrecked many of my minecraft homes with his "explosive" personality. Don't get too close!

green video game characters - creeper

8) Reptile (Mortal Kombat series) - 1 of the 3 original ninjas in Mortal Kombat and known for his stealthy attacks, Reptile ranks in the top 10 on our green list!

green video game characters - reptile

7) Zits, Rash, and Pimple (Battletoads series) - Yes, another froggy bunch made the list! Get over it...you know they kick ass.

green video game characters - battletoads

6) Blanka (Street Fighter series) - Blanka has been around since the original Street Fighter games. Always known for that green skin, orange hair, and electric shock! What an ugly guy..

green video game characters - blanka

5) Yoshi (Super Mario Bros series) - Yoshi made his first appearance on the SNES's Super Mario World. It's hard to believe that many Mario games came before him, as he is one of the most iconic Super Mario characters there is!

green video game characters - yoshi

4) Bulbasaur (Pokemon series) - 1 of the 3 starting Pokemon to choose from in the original Pokemon GameBoy games. Some would say he's "Super Effective!"

green video game characters - bulbasaur

3) Master Chief (Halo series) - Xbox fanboys will like this one! Probably the most cherished characters on the Xbox, Master Chief got his start on the original Xbox with the release of Halo: Combat Evolved. I salute you Master Chief, with your green armor. 

green video game characters - master chief

2) Link (The Legend of Zelda series) - Obviously you have to have Link in your top 10 for green characters. Although the Legend of Zelda star has not always had the same hair color, he will always be known for rocking the green tunic!

green video game characters - link

1) Luigi (Super Mario Bros series) - Last, but certainly not least. The greenest of them all, Luigi! Known as Mario's side kick for the longest time, he finally got his first game, while saving Mario, with....no, not Luigi's Mansion! But a game by the name of "Mario is Missing". This goofy green plumber will forever have a spot in all gamer's hearts....especially if you were the younger brother rocking player 2.

green video game characters - luigi
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